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Three Ways get Your Car Ready for Spring

Winter can be a long, harsh season not only on you but on your vehicle. As the cold temperatures break and warmer Spring days arrive here are three ways we recommend get your vehicle ready for warmer weather driving.


Time to replace wipers

Time to replace wipers

  1. Change your wiper blades, over the winter season your wipers work hard pushing rain, sleet, ice and snow off your windshield. Often dirt and grime from the road gets caught in water and causes the rubber blade to dry, crack, or even separate from the wiper.

Rotate Tires

Rotate Tires

2. Rotate your tires.  Your tires have worked hard to keep your car safely on the road in ice and snow. When Spring arrives your tire treads may be showing some wear. To get the longest life from your tires; they should be be rotated every other oil change or every 6,000 to 10,000 miles.



3. Inspect your suspension system, especially your shocks and struts.  Potholes show up after the snow leaves and cause a great deal of wear and damage to your suspension, tires, and wheel alignment.

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