5 Things Your Teen can Teach You about Driving

Its official… she passed the learners permit test. The fun begins (for her). For us parents there is a 50/50 split of excitement for our kids and the milestone they’ve passed, coupled with the fear that our “babies” will now be driving a vehicle. It’s a dose of reality we all expect but nonetheless shocking when the moment arrives.

As a parent of new driver here are some things I’m learning as I teach my teen:
  1. I drive too fast: She often reminds me of the speed limit and that I’ve exceeded it.
  2. I’m a creature of habit: I rely too much on “auto pilot” meaning I’m so used to the roads and routes I take that I’m not as cautious and conscientious as I should be.
  3. I have a whole new understanding of how dangerous driving can be: I’ve been driving for 20 years and have a false sense of security.
  4. There are many mental and physical processes involved in driving: Having to verbally explain the process and steps of driving is not easy. What a strange perspective it is when your not the driver but the instructor. When I had to explain to my teen how to operate a car while judging space and speed, and anticipating other drivers it was almost overwhelming.
  5. No matter how tightly I grip the door handle I can’t change the direction of the car: Start your teen on a quiet, wide road with little on coming traffic. As excited and confident as they may seem, they are not ready for city or highway driving. I can’t control the car while she drives but I can control when and where she drives.


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Written by Titan Auto & Tire