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Meeting the Requirements

You need your car to motor around Powhatan and Chesterfield Counties. Since Mosely, Virginia, is rural, you depend on your transportation to reach your job, school, family members, and the weekend ball game. But the brakes can be put on your legal ability to travel if your vehicle doesn’t pass state inspection. At Titan Auto & Tire, we’re happy to review the requirements for you. When your vehicle is due for inspection, stop by. We’re a certified state inspection center. Should you need something repaired to meet the requirements, we’re glad to assist you with that, too.

Specific Expectations

If you’re a Virginia resident, you’ll need to register your auto for driving. The car needs to pass an annual emissions and safety inspection before you can complete the registration process. To be sure that your auto is safe for you and others who share the road, a technician must check and certify major systems such as brakes, exhaust, fuel, and steering/suspension. They will also examine the tires, which need to have sufficient tread and properly hold air (no leaks). Further, the lights, horn, and windshield wipers should be in good working order with license plates visible. Inside the automobile, check points include air bags, seat belts and solid floor pans and doors.

You’ll get a certificate and windshield decal once your vehicle passes inspection. If the car doesn’t meet the standards, you’ll receive a rejection sticker. This decal permits you to keep driving your auto temporarily for 15 days so that you can correct the points of failure and have the car inspected again. The only exception to the rules is an antique automobile. Once a car reaches 25 years old, it is eligible for registration as an antique vehicle. Cars designated as such do not have to pass the annual inspection. Be aware, however, that this perceived loophole isn’t actually allowed for older daily drivers. If you forgo inspection, you can only drive the car to collector events, in parades, to the repair shop, etc. None of these can be more than 250 miles from your residence.

Help with Inspection and Related Repairs

As mentioned, we’re a one-stop shop when it comes to state inspections because we can both perform the mandatory check and help you with next steps if there’s a problem. There’s no need to drive from an inspection site to a repair facility, saving you time, money, and aggravation. You won’t have to return to a dealership either because we work on all makes and models. In short, as our motto aptly says, we fix everything. For all inspection needs, visit Titan Auto & Tire.

Written by Titan Auto & Tire