Your CEL and Bad Spark Plugs

Does Your Car Lack Spark? What do Spark Plugs Do? Spark plugs are a very important component of your engine. They are the part which produces the spark to ignite the fuel and oxygen to drive the pistons in your engine and creates the energy to move your vehicle. When the spark plugs are worn […]

Should You Get a New Car or a New Engine?

Engine Replacement FAQ Replace the Engine or the Car? There are many considerations to choosing between replacing your vehicle or the vehicle’s engine. Some involve cost, others environmental impact, but all are important for making your decision between replacing the engine in your vehicle or getting a new car all together. Replacing your car may […]

The Three C’s of Auto Repair

Best Repairs and Customer Service What are the 3 C’s of Auto Repair? There are a few definitions of the 3 C’s of auto repair, but for the sake of this blog, the 3 C’s are Concern, Cause, and Correction. Some other definitions of the 3C’s include: Cost, Convenience, Customer Service; and Confidence, Cost, Convenience. […]

Does a New Engine Reset Your Odometer?

Engine Replacement: What You Need to Know Odometers and The Law When it comes to vehicle odometers and the mileage they represent, there are laws affecting what you can and cannot do with that odometer. Federal law says you cannot disconnect, reset, or alter the reading on the odometer. You also can’t have someone else […]

What Are Brake Discs?

Brake Repair: Vital to Car Safety What Are Brake Discs? Brake discs, or rotors, are the metal part of the brakes attached to your vehicle’s suspension. The brake discs are what the brake pads contact with to create the friction which slows your vehicle to a stop. Brake discs are efficient at disbursing the heat […]

Does Your Car Need an Alignment?

Wheel Alignment Experts What is a Wheel Alignment? Despite the name of the service, a wheel alignment has less to do with your wheels and more to do with your suspension and steering systems. Those two systems connect your vehicle to the wheels. Your mechanic will adjust the suspension and steering until the angles of […]

When Should You Replace Your Tires?

Tire Sales for Great Prices Where the Rubber Meets the Road Tires are the only part of your vehicle which contacts the road, and so are a critical part of how your vehicle moves and stops when you’re driving. Keeping your tires in good shape and properly inflated should be part of your regular maintenance […]

Common Auto Problems

Auto Repairs You Can Count On Auto Repairs It’s true that not all vehicles are built the same. Some manufacturers and models are better made than others. What is also true is that all vehicles have parts that wear out and systems with problems and faults that develop. This means no matter what make or […]

How Long Do Brake Pads Last?

Brakes Equal Safety Life of Your Brake Pads Your brakes are the front line when it comes to safety on your vehicle. The brake pads are the part of the brake system that does the stopping for your vehicle, so it’s critical to keep those pads in good shape and replace them when necessary. Generally, […]

Common Hybrid Problems

We Know Hybrid Repair What Do You Need To Know About Hybrid Vehicles Hybrid vehicles usually have few problems when it comes to auto repairs. Still, several common hybrid repair services may need to be addressed over the life of your hybrid car. Many drivers who purchase a hybrid vehicle do so for the fuel […]

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