Bang for the Buck. Repair or Replace the Engine? — Titan Auto & Tire

One Dollar Sign, Lots of Factors At Titan Auto & Tire in Moseley, Virginia, we all drive vehicles, too. Therefore, we understand that your automobile is both a financial investment and an enhancement to your life (transportation to work, school, etc.). When it’s time for major work, you need to weigh your options so that […]

Engines: To Repair, or Replace? — Titan Auto & Tire

Don’t Get Overwhelmed! We understand the drama that a dead engine causes for a vehicle owner. Your transportation is likely your second largest investment, and it’s what you count on to get to all the places you need to be. Therefore, it’s normal that a major engine problem and the decision over whether to repair […]

Are You Ready? Check Points on the Virginia State Inspection — Titan Auto & Tire

Meeting the Requirements You need your car to motor around Powhatan and Chesterfield Counties. Since Mosely, Virginia, is rural, you depend on your transportation to reach your job, school, family members, and the weekend ball game. But the brakes can be put on your legal ability to travel if your vehicle doesn’t pass state inspection. […]

You Heard What? — Titan Auto & Tire

Yes, Your Vehicle Needs Routine Preventive Maintenance People mean well when they give you advice about taking care of your car. However, if they’re untrained, they might not always be right. In fact, some drivers repeat stories they were told that might leave their mechanic scratching their head and asking, “You heard what?” At Titan […]

How Do My Car’s Brakes Work? — Titan Auto & Tire

Thinking About Brakes The time to think about brakes is before you have to think about brakes. Most often, as we go about our daily routines, we mindlessly tap the brake pedal when needed. We use brakes so frequently when driving that touching the pedal is usually little more than a habit. In reality, that’s […]

What’s That Noise? — Titan Auto & Tire

Is My Car Supposed to Do That? Most of us have had it happen. You’re driving along and hear a strange new noise. You have a moment of silence–and relief. Then you hear it again, and you wonder, “Is my car supposed to do that?” You’re likely uncomfortable at that point because you aren’t sure […]

What Exactly Are Spark Plugs?

Spark Plugs Explained If you own a vehicle, you probably know that spark plugs are critical to your auto’s operation. But do you know exactly what they do and why they’re necessary? A basic understanding of your car’s spark plugs will help you monitor its performance and service schedule. When you find that it’s time […]

Are Your Brakes Begging for Repair?

Your Braking System’s Warning Signs When you’re in a hurry, it’s tempting to focus only on your ability to GO. However, you’re risking your life (and that of others) if you ignore your ability to STOP. According to a recent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) report, 22% of the crashes caused by mechanical problems […]

Is Engine Replacement a Good Solution for You?

Engine Repair vs. Engine Replacement Nobody wants the hassle, time, or expense of replacing an engine, but a dead car gets you nowhere. Perhaps you’re even wondering if engine replacement is worth it. While purchasing another vehicle is certainly an option, it’s costly–likely a lot more expensive than replacing the engine alone. Depending on your […]

Are You a Distracted Driver?

The Dangers of Distracted Driving Distracted driving causes about one-quarter of all traffic crashes. Unfortunately, thousands of these wrecks result in serious injuries or even death each year. At Titan Auto & Tire in Chesterfield, VA, we have built our business around car care, but what we care about even more than autos are the […]