Can I Drive on a Rejection Sticker?

Updated May 23, 2016

What if my vehicle failed inspection? Yes, you can drive with a rejection sticker. While the rejection sticker does not come with any travel restrictions, drivers are still legally responsible for any defect. If you return within 15 days from the original inspection the re-inspect consists of only the original failed areas and there is no charge, after 15 days the vehicle must be completely inspected again and costs $20.00 for cars, SUV, Crossovers, light trucks, and trailers.

If your motorcycle has failed a Virginia State Inspection you also have 15 days to complete repairs and re-inspect. Should you go past 15 days the current state re-inspection fee will apply. Also a vehicle can only be issued one rejection sticker annually.

The Virginia State Inspection is intended to keep you and other drivers safe on the road. A state inspector looks at over 20 areas of a vehicle from seat belts to ball joints and struts, which are important parts of your vehicle’s suspension system. Worn brakes, tires, windshield cracks, are just a few items that cause a vehicle not to pass a Virginia State Inspection. This safety inspection is meant to keep motorists safe by finding unsafe parts and components before you experience a breakdown on the road while driving. Click here to read all the areas the Virginia State Inspection covers.

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Written by Titan Auto & Tire