Car Care from the Inside Out


Window seals hold in your cool air from air conditioning in the warm months and your heat during cold winter months. Seals also keep out dirt, dust, and moisture. A vehicle trunk and moon roof seals also insulate and protect you and your cargo from the outside environment. As your vehicle ages these rubbery seals become dry and brittle from temperatures, weather, and general wear.

When seals become old and damaged you can quickly tell by:

  1. Lost heat or air conditioning
  2. Feeling or hearing air as you drive
  3. Noticeable moisture, dampness in vehicle
  4. Visible excessive condensation inside your vehicle
  5. Musty smells


Moisture can quickly become a problem for you and your vehicle interior. As in any damp place, allergens like mold and mildew can easily grow; aggravating allergies and making you miserable. You will smell odors from growing mold, mildew and others when they set into fabrics like seats, carpets, and head liners. Eventually moisture may even loosen the headliner fabric so that it hangs loose above your head.

If you own an vehicle around 3 or 4 years old. Now is the time to have your windows, moon roof, and trunk seals inspected. It is far easier and less expensive to replace seals than it is to replace a headliner or thoroughly remove mold or mildew and its smell from your fabrics, carpets, and more. Not sure what to look for? Our Techs will gladly take you to your vehicle and show you the seals, and customize your car care. Schedule your visit today or call us with questions.

Written by Titan Auto & Tire