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We All Have an Interest in Driving More Eco-Friendly

We all share the Earth, and we can’t make another one. Therefore, we all have an interest in protecting it. Since we leave our footprint–or shall we say tire impression–through travel, making transportation more eco-friendly (driving habits and repair practices) is important. Titan Auto & Tire in Moseley, Virginia, is happy to share some tips with you, and we do our part to protect the environment, too.

Real World Tips You Can Drive By

One of the easiest ways to lessen your impact on the Earth is to drive less. If you’re only a short distance from your destination, you might choose to walk instead of drive. While walking or biking work well in more densely packed areas such as a city, those of us who live in rural communities like Moseley may not always have that option. Even so, there are things you can do to make your drive less harmful. For instance, plan your necessary trips with purpose. If you can take care of three errands in a single drive instead of three separate ventures, that’s good for the environment. It also saves you time and money. Also, if you work in a flexible environment, you may opt to adjust your hours so that you commute at a time when there’s less traffic. Fewer drivers on the road equate to less time spent idling in the car. These days, Americans are teleworking in record numbers. Perhaps you can completely skip the trip if your position and employer allow for this opportunity.

When you do drive, obey the speed limit. Speeds above 60 mph actually decrease your gas mileage, which ultimately leads to more fuel consumption, increased emissions, and money out of your pocket. If you’re aware that you have a “heavy foot,” try setting your cruise control to keep yourself and your rate of speed in check. Using the overdrive gear also allows your engine to consume less fuel as well as saves extra wear on your engine. Further, don’t drive aggressively. Not only is this dangerous, but it also stresses vehicle components and causes your car to use more gas. If you’re carrying things, try to fit them into the vehicle. Unusual loads such as cargo packs strapped to the roof increase drag and ultimately cause an increase in fuel consumption. Finally, try to choose cars that get good gas mileage or have alternative power sources when you make a new transportation purchase.

Your Local Eco-Friendly Auto Repair Shop

A plan of good auto repair and maintenance will also improve mileage and reduce emissions. Titan Auto & Tire is your local trustworthy repair shop. We do our part, too, to recycle oil and prevent damage to the environment.

Written by Titan Auto & Tire