CEL Diagnostics

What’s the difference between a yellow check engine light and a red one?

Red, Yellow or Flashing?

The check engine light (CEL) can mean a multitude of things when it is illuminated on your dashboard. The main thing the CEL means is there’s a problem, or fault, in your vehicle’s sensors. The CEL can mean something pretty innocuous, like a missing or loose gas cap, or it means something drastic, like imminent catastrophic engine failure. Most car manufacturers give you a couple of ways of knowing whether the fault the onboard computer which controls the CEL is one that requires immediate attention or if you can drive to your mechanic before something catastrophic happens. The first is the color of the CEL warning light. If it’s orange or yellow, it is probably safe to drive to your preferred service station. If, however, the warning light is red, you should immediately pull over and call for a tow truck as it’s no longer safe to drive your vehicle. The second way car manufacturers let you know the fault behind the CEL is critical is if the CEL flashes. If the warning light is flashing, it means failure of whatever fault is behind the CEL is imminent and the vehicle is no longer safe to drive.

Why Is Your CEL On?

As mentioned before, the CEL is a generalized warning light showing there’s a fault somewhere in the vehicle’s exhaust system, airflow, or engine. The only way to know why your CEL is on is to take it to a certified service station like Titan Auto and Tire in Moseley, VA, to have the vehicle hooked up to diagnostic equipment. Once the diagnostic program has run and the fault codes are revealed, your mechanic will recommend repairs to fix the fault behind the CEL.

Titan Auto and Tire is Here For Your CEL Faults

The team at Titan Auto and Tire is staffed with expert technicians and the shop has the state-of-the-art equipment needed to read the fault and error codes that turn on the CEL in most vehicles. Your best course of action when your CEL comes on is to give the team a call to make an appointment for a diagnostic, inspection, and repair. You can also stop by the shop to speak with the technicians and customer service advisors to find out your options to move forward.

Written by Titan Auto & Tire