Choosing Your Auto Repair Shop Q&A

Is it important to stay with one auto repair shop?

A: Yes, like a doctors office you want all your records in one place. After finding a reliable auto repair shop continue to go there for all your service and repairs. If or when repairs are needed your records will show past recommendations and issues that may have been found during previous visits. You will also be better able to remember your upcoming scheduled maintenance, like oil changes.

When should I look for a new auto repair shop?

A: It may be time to look for a new shop if you are presented with, an unusually high quote or a recommendation based on the condition of a part or fluid that you haven’t seen or fully understand.

Should I try a new auto repair shop because they offer a coupon?

A: While there are some fantastic deals out there and all of us are looking to save money, some things like car repair and maintenance can be risky to gamble on a coupon offer. Your vehicle carries your kids, family, and friends. A coupon offering 50% off a service may sound great and save you money now. However, a poorly done repair or service by an unfamiliar shop done could cost you dearly later. 

These are all good questions that people commonly ask or think about. At Titan Auto and Tire we frequently hear these questions and encounter similar situations. We believe in developing relationships with our customers that last years not only when we offer “deals or coupons”.  We do not claim to be the least expensive but we promise to be the best quality and value for your money. The trust our customers have with us allow us to customize our service and repairs with their needs. Your safety is our first priority. When we see a bad belt, tire, brakes, and more we will take you in the back to show you why we are making the recommendation. We don’t expect anyone to invest in their vehicle without understanding the how and why. Our techs are here to answer questions and be your local car care experts.

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Written by Titan Auto & Tire