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Auto Repairs

It’s true that not all vehicles are built the same. Some manufacturers and models are better made than others. What is also true is that all vehicles have parts that wear out and systems with problems and faults that develop. This means no matter what make or model vehicle you drive, you’ll have to have work done to repair problems with your vehicle and its various systems. Because this is true, having a reputable service station and its staff on your side is a good idea. In Moseley, VA, your best option for auto repair, maintenance services, and tires is Titan Auto and Tire. As your partner, they’ll help keep your vehicle running in top shape and fix problems as they come up.

Common Auto Repair Problems

Some parts of your vehicle have shorter lifespans than others, and need replacement and repair more often. For example, oxygen sensors are usually designed to work for about 50,000 miles before replacement. Ignition coils are constantly used while you drive your vehicle and are prone to wearing out. Thermostats regulate the temperature in various systems on your vehicle, but they wear out and require replacement. Spark plugs also wear out because of constant use. Although the wires on the distributor cap don’t wear out as quickly as spark plugs do, they still wear out and need replacement. Your mechanic may recommend replacing the wires when you replace spark plugs to help the ignition system work better. You can’t forget that brake pads wear out over time and need replacement to keep your vehicle safe on the road. Engine oil is another component that wears out by design and needs to be changed regularly. Even the fluids in your vehicle for your brakes, coolant system, and transmission have a lifespan that is less than the life of your vehicle and so will require replacement to avoid more expensive catastrophic system failure repairs.

Titan Auto and Tire

The team at Titan Auto and Tire in Moseley, VA, is staffed with experienced and certified technicians and knowledgeable customer service advisors who will help you understand what your vehicle needs to remain safe and efficient on the road. Call them today and make an appointment for the team to inspect, diagnose and repair any issues you might have with your vehicle. You’ll be glad you did.

Written by Titan Auto & Tire