Common BMW Problems

3 Things to Look Out For

BMWs are excellent vehicles. They offer a first-rate combination of inline-6 power, communicative steering, and professional handling. They are amazing driving machines, but over time, even the best vehicles need some care. You may require BMW repair over the years, and here are some common issues to look out for.

Cooling System

Many BMWs have issues with the cooling system. It is a vital component of the engine, and any problems need to be addressed right away to avoid colossal damage to the engine. You should have a professional inspect the cooling system once every 30,000 to 40,000 miles. You need to make sure the main hoses, thermostat, and water pump are all working properly in your BMW.

Ignition Coils

Your car’s ignition coils are necessary for sending currents to the engine’s spark plugs. These then ignite the combination of air and fuel in the combustion chamber, so your vehicle can actually start. Each cylinder has its own coil, and it only takes one going bad to affect your BMW’s performance. You need to bring your car to an expert who knows BMWs because someone unfamiliar with this brand of car may misdiagnose the issue as something much larger than it actually is.

Oil Leaks

You should occasionally pop the hood of your BMW to ensure everything still looks good. Over time, you may notice there is a buildup of gunk near the top of the engine close to the oil filter. This is a clear indicator that there is a leak in the system. There is more likely to happen to older BMWs with high mileage. You need to address this right away or else it will result in a major leak that causes massive oil loss in the engine.

Owning a BMW is a great experience. You can keep it that way by bringing your car to Titan Auto & Tire in Moseley, Virginia for routine maintenance. Our expert BMW technicians can help you avoid these common problems or handle them promptly before they affect your car’s performance. Schedule your next service online to keep your BMW in pristine condition! We look forward to helping you!

Written by Titan Auto & Tire