Cooling System Service

Your Titan Techs keep your engine running cool and your vehicle lasting longer.


Fluids protect your engine against damage caused by friction and heat. Over time coolant or antifreeze breaks down and loses it ability to protect the engine from heat, corrosion, and deposit build up. We recommend a Cooling System Service when a vehicle has dirty coolant fluid and every 30,000 miles as preventative maintenance.

Our Cooling System Service includes:

  • Power cleaning the entire cooling system, including radiator, engine passages, and cooler lines
  • Old coolant, rust, sludge, and build up are removed
  • Fresh coolant and BG treatment is added to protect again further corrosion
  • Check cooling system for leaks and proper fluid level

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  • Cooler running engine
  • Reduces wear on engine for longer engine life
  • Longer life for water pump, radiator and hoses