How Long Does It Take To Hit the Brakes?

Stopping Distances at Different Speeds

A sudden red light, wildlife in the road, or slow-moving vehicle require fast brakes and fast reflexes. Did you know that coming to a complete stop while traveling 60 miles per hour requires a braking distance of about 60 feet? The faster you travel, the safe stopping distance exponentially increases. Learn more about the physics of stopping a far car and why you need reliable brake repair and maintenance services.

Stopping at 60 MPH and 80 MPH

Traveling at 80 miles per hour, which isn’t unusual on some highways, requires approximately 178 feet of stopping distance. This dramatic increase is due to the physics involved in breaking. Your brakes, whether you use ceramic, synthetic or other brake pad material, turns kinetic energy into thermal energy. This process means that, in order to calculate the energy of your fast-moving vehicle, you need to square the speed.
The faster you travel, the less likely you are to stop in a reasonable amount of time.

Be sure to give other vehicles plenty of following distance. If you’re driving in low-light conditions, decrease your speed so you can safely stop in case of an obstacle or wildlife obstructing your lane. Traveling at 55, 50, or even 45 dramatically reduces your stopping distance compared to traveling at 60 or 80 miles per hour.

The Importance of Reliable Brakes

What does all this physics have to do with brake repair? Too many drivers are unaware of the stopping distance needed, even under perfect conditions. When you’re driving on worn-out brakes or driving distractedly, the stopping distance becomes even further.

Be sure to periodically inspect your brake pads to see if it’s time for a replacement service. Worn-out brakes are a liability when you’re driving, regardless of the speed.

Learn More About Brake Repair Today

Stay in control of your vehicle with reliable repair services in Chesterfield, Virginia. At Titan Auto & Tire, we offer affordable brake services, emergency repairs, routine maintenance, and inspections for your vehicle. Schedule a service with our ASE-certified technicians for in-depth brake restoration and replacement services. Enjoy affordable safety inspections and replacement brake pads to give you maximum braking power to keep your stopping distance at a minimum.

Written by Titan Auto & Tire