How to Keep Fall Allergies Out of your Car


For us allergy sufferers Fall allergens can be as bad or worse than Spring. Often dry air, dust, and falling leaves are among the few culprits that make us sneeze, cough, and scratch our eyes.

Here are five easy things you can do to reduce sneezing and wheezing in your vehicle:

1. Vacuum and wipe down your interior. Allergens can settle deep down in fabrics and floor mats and sit on your dashboard waiting to be blown around as you use your air conditioning or heat.

2. Drive with your windows up. As cooler Fall weather arrives we are tempted to let “fresh air” in by cracking the windows or dropping the convertible top. Resist the temptation and keep those windows up.

3. Replace your Cabin Air Filter. This interior filter is meant to clean the air you breathe inside your vehicle. All vehicles have a place for a cabin air filter and most vehicles come with one; but some manufacturers don’t include the filter itself. If you’re unsure you have a filter in place drop by either our Jeff Davis or Hull Street stores. Our Techs will show and explain where the filter is in your vehicle and inspect your filter to see if it needs to be replaced. A clean filter should be white or cream colored. A dirty filter cannot capture the dirt and allergens which make you sneeze. 
4. Check the weather proofing or seals on your doors and windows. If seals are old, dry, or coming apart, allergens and moisture are getting into your vehicle. Keeping your vehicle dry inside will prevent mold and mildew which can bother an allergy sufferer all year long.

5. Try an Air Conditioning Refresher Service. This service will kill mold and mildew from inside your air conditioning system. Eliminating mold and mildew will greatly reduce allergy symptoms. You will now breathe in truly clean air inside your vehicle. This service also eliminates stale odors from mildew, cigarette smoke, and more.



Written by Titan Auto & Tire