How to Maintain Your Brakes

Habits You Should Implement

Just like other components in your vehicle, your brakes are susceptible to wear-and-tear. This is an unavoidable part of vehicle ownership and every vehicle owner has had to get their brakes inspected and serviced at one point. With that said, just because you need it serviced doesn’t mean it has to be frequent. There are ways for you to prolong the life of your brakes, and a lot of it comes from your driving habits. Good habits help prolong your brakes and reduce spending on excessive services.

Not sure what habits you should implement? Have a few good habits but want to know more? Well, the Titan Auto & Tire team is here for you. Here are three driving habits you can implement that’ll help prolong your vehicle’s brakes!


If you have to drive through an area where stop-and-go traffic is inevitable, then so be it. But if you’re in control of this and you can avoid it, we recommend doing so. Stop-and-go traffic is awful on your brakes and will cause them to wear down quicker. If you’re in an area where stop-and-go traffic is unavoidable, make sure you have your brakes serviced, or at least inspected, a little more often!

Increase Car Gap Length

Have you ever seen a driver that tailgates the car they are driving behind? Are you that person? Well, outside of inducing a lot of stress for the person in front of you and your passengers, tailgating will also have you slamming on the brakes if the driver up front suddenly stops. This places tremendous stress on the brakes, especially if you’re moving at higher speeds. Instead of tailgating, think about maintaining a two-car gap length between you and the vehicle up front. This will give more time for a slow stop instead of an abrupt halt.

And anyway, tailgating is not cool. Don’t do it.

Don’t Ride The Brakes

One of the quickest ways to wear out your brakes is to rest your feet on the brake pedal. Consistently tapping on the brakes will increase the friction between your brake pads and the rotor, which will speed up the process of degradation. We understand you may just be a very defensive driver, but a by-product of this driving style is an earlier visit to our auto shop. Instead of riding the brakes, utilize the previous tip and increase the car gap length between you and the vehicle in front of you. Along with that, be ok with cruising at lower speeds. So if you do need to suddenly stop, there won’t nearly be as much stress on your brakes compared to if you were driving at a faster speed.

Written by Titan Auto

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