How to Navigate Your Tire Choices

The Wide World of Tire Options

Tires are a major purchase for most drivers, so it’s important to understand each kind of tire’s features so that you can make informed choices. At Titan Auto & TIre in Moseley, Virginia, we’ve built our business and reputation on honesty and excellent service. You can always trust our certified technicians to talk with you truthfully about the condition of your tires as well as advise you on which ones will serve you well when it’s time to buy new treads. You count on your GPS or map to help you navigate unfamiliar roads; rely on us to help you navigate the tire buying experience.

What Are the Options?

While some drivers are very “into” their tires, others are surprised to learn that they have so many options. If you’re one of those, don’t worry. We’re glad to provide a quick overview. There are five tire types for passenger vehicles, a category that includes cars, crossovers, and minivans.

Touring tires, also called grand touring, offer a comfortable ride through all seasons and most weather conditions. They feature an asymmetrical tread pattern. Likewise, all-season tires have a versatile tread pattern, but also include grooves that encircle the tires to help with traction in wet conditions. Performance tires have even larger grooves as well as lateral cross channels to move water away. They are often rated for higher speeds. As you might guess, summer tires are not suitable for the ice and snow of winter, but they work well on both wet and dry pavement. Racing or competition tires are reserved for the track and shouldn’t be run on the street.

If you drive a truck or SUV, you can pick from six options. Highway tires are like the all-season tires for cars, just designed to carry heavier loads. Performance truck tires have both the all-season tread pattern and an increased speed rating. All purpose or trail tires are also all-season, but they are rugged enough to navigate a variety of surfaces. Featuring tread blocks, all-terrain tires perform well off road, and mud-terrain tires have even bigger blocks so they can handle mud and sand. However, they are not as comfortable when used on the solid road surface. Ribbed tires are the go-to choice for many commercial drivers because they’re durable and versatile. Finally, truck owners who drive a lot in cold, wet areas may opt for winter tires.

Considering Your Choices

As you consider your choices for new tires, think about the aspects that are most important to you. In addition to size/fit and climate, what kind of ride quality, appearance, or durability do you prefer? We hope your easiest choice, however, is Titan Auto & Tire.

Written by Titan Auto & Tire