Is Engine Replacement a Good Solution for You?

Engine Repair vs. Engine Replacement

Nobody wants the hassle, time, or expense of replacing an engine, but a dead car gets you nowhere. Perhaps you’re even wondering if engine replacement is worth it. While purchasing another vehicle is certainly an option, it’s costly–likely a lot more expensive than replacing the engine alone. Depending on your specific situation, you may find that engine replacement is indeed a viable option for you.

Whether you’re in the initial stages of weighing your options or have already decided to replace, stop by Titan Auto & Tire in Chesterfield, Virginia, for expert assistance. We’ve built our reputation on being honest, offering professional services, and providing outstanding quality work. You can trust us to give you solid advice about the feasibility of engine replacement.

Options for Engine Replacement

If your engine is beyond the help of reasonable repairs, engine replacement may be a good alternative to buying a new vehicle. But did you know that there are multiple options as a means of engine replacement? One possibility is to rebuild the engine you already have. This involves removing the existing engine from your auto to replace broken or defective parts. Technicians will take the power plant apart, clean it, and install new gaskets before putting it back together. The advantage of rebuilding your engine is that you’re sure it fits properly, aligns with mounts and drilled holes, and is compatible with the computer.

Another possibility is a remanufactured “new” engine (also called a crate engine). While you may be able to purchase a never-used model, most have been returned to pristine new condition. This includes machining the cylinders to precise specifications. Buying a remanufactured engine assures you of the quality of a new motor, but it’s possible to encounter a problem with compatibility or fit unless you’re careful to purchase the exact model for your vehicle. It also costs more.

A final option that may work if you’re on a tight budget and in a time pinch is a used engine. While this is quick and often less expensive, it entails more risk. First, you must be extremely careful to make sure the engine you select is suitable (size, alignment, computer compatibility, etc.). Second, you’re never completely sure of what you have until you install it and try it.

Your Go-To Option for Auto Repair

At Titan Auto & Tire in Chesterfield, Virginia, we’re committed to helping you maintain safe, reliable transportation. Therefore, we’re your go-to shop for auto repair and engine replacement if you find that your motor is beyond normal restoration.

Written by Titan Auto & Tire