Most Common Auto Repairs

Prepare For Your Vehicle’s Needs

Once you purchase a vehicle, the financial investment isn’t over. As your vehicle ages and covers more miles, you’ll need to keep up with regular maintenance services and handle any repairs promptly to keep your vehicle in top condition. Ignoring vehicle repairs will only lead to more serious and expensive problems down the road, so drivers should be prepared with a budget for their car’s needs. To ensure you are driving the best version of your vehicle, Titan Tire & Auto in Moseley, Virginia has created a list of common auto repairs. To avoid serious repairs, we recommend following your recommended service schedule and having these services done on a regular basis!

    1. Brake Repair

All vehicles will need brake repair at some point. That’s because we constantly rely on the brakes while driving and the parts will inevitably wear out. For the best estimate as to when your specific vehicle will need brake repair, check your owner’s manual and speak with our experts.

    1. Tire Patches & Replacements

As the first thing between your vehicle and the open road, the tires can take a real beating. Objects and debris left on the road surface may puncture or tear tires. It’s not uncommon to need a tire repair or replacement before a tire has reached its full lifespan. To find the right replacement for your individual vehicle, contact our experts!

    1. Transmission Repair

As far as auto repairs go, transmission repairs are usually on the more expensive side. But as an integral component to your vehicle’s function, they can’t be ignored. The transmission is responsible for shifting a vehicle between gears and may develop problems if not properly maintained. For transmission service, always call a certified professional.

    1. A/C Repairs

If you are like most drivers, you rely on your vehicle’s climate control system to keep you and your passengers cool wherever you go. Under continuous use, it’s not surprising that the A/C system will need repair or service at some point. Having a budget for A/C service will ensure you never drive around in discomfort!

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