Never re use an oil filter. It will stop catching dirt which can cause engine damage.

Never re use an oil filter. A dirty filter can’t catch debris which causes engine damage.

The best and most basic maintenance you can do is a simple oil change. Whether its conventional oil or synthetic oil regular services will keep your vehicle running at its best. Most conventional oil changes are needed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Synthetic oil can be changed at 7,500 mile intervals depending on type of synthetic oil or your vehicle. Engine oil keeps components lubricated and reduces friction and damage. As with any vehicle fluid, engine oil collects dirt and debris which can cause it to become thick and unable to protect the engine. Regular changes keeps the oil clean, preventing extra friction and a damage.  If you drive a Hybrid (HEV) you still have an internal combustion engine that requires regular oil changes.

To further protect your engine from friction and corrosion we recommend using BG MOA at every oil change, especially for high mileage vehicles. BG MOA offers added protection to your engine by keeping the right consistency and giving you better coating on engine parts and components.

Oil Change at Titan Auto & Tire, Moseley Virginia

Oil Change at Titan Auto & Tire, Moseley Virginia

Your vehicle is the second largest investment you will most likely make, the first is purchasing a home. Just like any large purchase or investment you need a plan to protect and keep it working for you. How and where you drive greatly impacts the type and frequency of maintenance. While the manufacturer recommends maintenance at specific mileage intervals or factory scheduled maintenance, the road conditions and type of driving you do will determine what maintenance is a higher priority. For example, if you drive mostly in the city, braking frequently or hard at traffic lights you can expect to replace brakes and brake pads more frequently or before the mileage point a manufacturer suggests.

To best maintain your vehicle we suggest work closely with a trusted repair shop to advise you when and what extra work may be needed to prevent a break down and costly repairs.


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