Popular Careers in the Auto Repair Industry

Mechanics, Managers, and More!

Love working on your car and want to make a career out of your passion? The automotive industry has a range of exciting roles for individuals who love working on vehicles or handling customer service tasks. Here are two common roles for auto repair enthusiasts to make a great career working around your favorite auto shop in Moseley, Virginia.

Service Writers

Advise customers about various repair and maintenance improvements that are available for their vehicle. Also known as an adviser, this customer-facing role helps bridge the gap between auto technicians and customers. Service writers still need to understand vehicle components and repair needs, but rely on technicians to work with them to create a maintenance and repair schedule.

Work with a technician to understand any unique issues with a particular vehicle, then communicate these issues and professional opinions with customers. Assist customers in choosing the best repairs for their situation and help them receive the financing they need.

Auto Technicians

Join an expert team of technicians to repair a wide range of vehicles. Auto technicians are at the front lines of auto repair. Whether you love working on rebuilding engines and transmissions or are committed to helping customers enjoy a safe and functional vehicle, find out if a career as a technician is right for you.

Work with a team of ASE certified auto technicians to learn from the best. Work towards your certification and learn on the job from experienced technicians who know their way around most makes and models of vehicles.

Find Your Role in the Auto Industry

These are just two common roles in auto shops. Consider looking for training options, internships or entry-level positions in this dynamic industry. Technicians and service writers can enjoy a stable position, growth opportunities and an experienced team of coworkers and managers.

At Titan Auto & Tire, our premier Moseley, Virginia auto shop is always accepting applications for a position in our shop. Submit an application today to find out if you’re a good fit with our dynamic, experienced shop. Whether you have years of experience or are eager to learn more about these jobs, find out how you can make a great career out of repairing vehicles and assisting customers.

Written by Titan Auto & Tire