Brake Fluid Service

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Brake Fluid protects the components of your braking system to prevent rust and corrosion. New or good brake fluid is transparent, normally a honey or amber. Dark and or cloudy fluid usually means the fluid has corrosion. Brake fluid tends to attracts moisture which can seep in and breaks down and contaminates the fluid. For the best protection, all the old fluid must be removed and replenished.

Our Brake Fluid Service:

  • Removes contaminated fluid
  • Replaces the old fluid with new fluid to prevent corrosion and remove residual moisture
  • Inspects brake system for leaks, corrosion, worn parts, deposit build up, and air in the brake lines
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  • Safer braking
  • Longer brake life
  • Protects again rust and corrosion

We recommend Brake Fluid Service every 30,000-40,000 miles or when brake fluid is contaminated.