Engine Air Filter

Don’t let a Dirty Engine Air Filter keep you from Getting the Best Gas Mileage


Engine Air filters come in many shapes and sizes. If your air filter is brand new, it will look white or off-white. The engine air filter are the lungs of your vehicle. The engine needs clean air to run at its best, giving you performance and good fuel economy.

When it becomes clogged, dirty or torn you may notice a decrease in performance and fuel economy. Because pollen and dust, which you cannot easily see, can also clog up your air filter, it is important that you check this often and replace when needed before you experience engine problems.

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If your vehicle is being driven on dirt roads or in city traffic with a lot of stops and starts, you will need to replace the air filter more often.

Your vehicle maintenance is specific to your make and model. Our Techs know your vehicle inside and out and perform a maintenance inspection at every visit. If we find a broken or worn part we will show you before we make service recommendations. You are always welcome in our Tech work area to see your vehicle’s progress.