Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

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At Titan Auto & Tire, our team of technicians is standing by to perform your hybrid repair. Whether you need a standard oil change or high voltage battery maintenance and conditioning, our Moseley team has the skills and tools to repair your hybrid the right way the first time. Our team specializes in hybrids and has experience in the many differences in caring for hybrids versus conventional vehicles.

Oil Change

Your hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) has an internal combustion engine (ICE) that requires oil changes just as conventional vehicles. Depending on your make and model you can choose from a Regular Oil (synthetic blend) or Full Synthetic Oil change.

A/C Repair and Maintenance

Hybrid and Electric vehicles for the most part have an all-electric Air Conditioning (AC) system powered by the High Voltage (HV) battery. It is important to understand that most AC systems in these vehicles also work to provide both heat and AC. Proper training and tools are essential when servicing this equipment and Titan Auto & Tire has been through extensive training to be able to service and repair Hybrid and Electric vehicle components.

Battery Replacement

While HEV and EV cars are well built and efficient, high voltage batteries eventually need to be replaced. We can recommend the best replacement battery for your vehicle make and model. Additionally, we can repair existing HV batteries if a module has become weak or defective. It is also important to keep your 12-volt system functioning properly. We offer a variety of absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries. Click here to message us for a quote.

Battery Maintenance and Conditioning

Hybrid and Electric vehicles rely on a high voltage battery to power its electrical systems such as Braking, Steering, Transmission, A/C Compressor, and many other components. To keep your battery performing efficiently we recommend regular inspection of cables and connections, and occasional battery testing to measure and analyze voltage and capacity.

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Battery Air Filter

High voltage batteries generate a great deal of heat and need adequate air circulation to maintain the correct temperature. Like other air filters in your vehicle, this filter catches dirt and debris and can become clogged, therefore restricting airflow. We recommend this air filter be inspected at each service and replaced at least once per year to keep the battery compartment cooling at its best.


Your hybrid (HEV) and Electric vehicle (EV) has a different braking system than conventional cars and trucks. While you still have brake pads, rotors, and fluid, the system is computerized and electrical. When you press on your brakes you actually send energy (electricity) back to your high voltage battery which is called Regenerative Braking. Your brake system should be inspected regularly and fluid should be drained and replaced at least once a year.

Low Rolling Resistance Tires

You have a Hybrid or Electric vehicle because you value the great mileage. Keep your mileage with the proper replacement tires. Always replace HEV and EV tires with new Low Rolling Resistance Tires. Energy is saved by the design of the tire and how it makes contact with the road, eliminating drag, and increasing overall mileage. As with any tire, keeping the proper tire pressure is very important in getting the best fuel economy from your tires. We recommend Michelin Defender, Michelin Energy, and Cooper CS3. Other brands are available at request. Click here for a tire quote.

Computer Diagnostics and Dash Lights

Your HEV and EV Dash Lights may look different than a conventional vehicle. With more and different computerized motor systems, there are many warning lights for a highly computerized car. In some instances, a computerized diagnostic will be required to determine the cause of your vehicle drivability or malfunction issues. Some common diagnostics include:

Battery level (Health of the Battery), Steering, Braking, and Transmission.

Orange triangle light "!" is the HV (high voltage) warning light "B" is braking light "intelligent low gear for braking"

Turtle light - Gen 1 Prius “you're going to fast” the battery can't keep up, slow down

Some dash lights are simply indicator lights such as the "Ready" light or some form of Ready to Drive which simply means the engine is on and the car is ready to be driven.

Hybrid Inverter

The inverter converts energy from the high voltage battery. Because of the high level of heat generated the inverter has a coolant fluid that protects and keeps the inverter at a safe working temperature for the vehicle. As with all vehicle fluid, it deteriorates over time. We recommend draining and replacing this fluid once per year to keep your inverter functioning well.

Steering & Suspension

Your HEV and EV car have Electric Steering and Suspension. This allows for very precise handling and integration with the Regenerative Braking System. This system should be regularly checked for any issues.


Preventative Maintenance Schedule

Oil and Filter 3K -5K...Longer with Synthetic 6 months
CVT Fluid Change / Filter 30K 2 years
A/T or Standard Transmission Fluid Change 60K 4 years
Air Filter & A/C filter 15K as needed
Spark Plugs (Iridium last longer) 60K 4 years
Valve Clearance Insp. / adjust 60K 4 years
EGR cleaning / De-carbon ICE 90K 5 years
ICE Coolant 60K 3 years
CVT / Inverter/ DC-DC Converter Coolant 90K 5 years
Brake Service 30K yearly
Change Brake / Clutch Fluid 60K 2 years
4WD Service 30K 2 years
HV Battery Testing / Connection Cleaning 120K 6 years