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When the window in your vehicle breaks or shows signs of leaking our Techs can fix it. Whether it's cracked windshield, window glass, a broken window motor or a worn-out seal around your window, sun-roof, or moon-roof the Titan Team will get you back on the road quickly.

Over time window, moon roof and trunk seals become dry and brittle from heat and wear. If your vehicle has been in an accident and repaired you may continue to experience problems maintaining airtight seals. Often damage to trunk seals are caused by forcing large objects in the trunk which may catch and pull at the seal.

To protect window, trunk, and moon roof seals:

  • Close windows while parked. Dirt and heat can more easily damage the seal of an open window.
  • Park under shade. Shade and cooler temperatures prevents fading, drying and cracking.
  • Keep seals clean with regular washing and conditioning. Wipe away dirt from on and around seals and use a conditioner helps keep vinyl and rubber from drying out.
  • Take care how you load your trunk. Never force a large objects such as boxes to fit in your trunk. Seals are easily pulled or damaged and go unnoticed until larger problems like mold and mildew develop from a leak.
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