The Three C’s of Auto Repair

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What are the 3 C’s of Auto Repair?

There are a few definitions of the 3 C’s of auto repair, but for the sake of this blog, the 3 C’s are Concern, Cause, and Correction. Some other definitions of the 3C’s include: Cost, Convenience, Customer Service; and Confidence, Cost, Convenience. For the most part, the concept of the 3 C’s is meant to help you choose a service center and mechanic for your auto repairs who will meet your expectations for customer service and auto repair no matter what make and model vehicle you drive, and what might be wrong with it.

Why Concern, Cause, and Correction?

The idea of defining the 3 C’s as Concern, Cause, and Correction is that as a customer, you should choose a shop where the technicians will address your vehicle’s problems by first listening to your concerns, diagnosing the cause, and then discussing and performing the correction. The importance of each of the C’s in this definition will vary from one customer to another, but the availability of the technician to hear, diagnose, and address the problems you’re having is universal. At Titan Auto and Tire in North Chesterfield, VA, the team is ready to give you the 3 C’s every time you come into the shop. Their knowledgeable customer service advisors will listen to your concerns and do the job of translating what you say into what the technicians need to know in order to address the problem with your vehicle. The customer service advisor will then take your concerns to the technicians who will inspect and diagnose your vehicle’s problems to find the cause of the issues you’re having. Once the technicians have discovered the cause of the problem, they’ll share their findings with the customer service advisor who will again act as translator between you and the technician to help you understand what the technician has found and how they intend to repair the problem. Once you approve the repairs, the technicians will make the approved repairs (correction). This is the type of service you should expect from your service center and auto repair technicians.

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No matter what concern you have with your vehicle, your best course of action to discover the cause and have the correct repairs made is to stop by the North Chesterfield, VA, location of Titan Auto and Tire to speak with the team. They’ll help you get back on the road as soon as possible with a safe and repaired vehicle.

Written by Titan Auto & Tire