Tips for Taking Care of Your Car

Car Maintenance 101

Maintaining Your Vehicle

When you buy a car, you know there will be costs associated with keeping it on the road. What you may not know is that the most cost-effective way to keep your vehicle in good running order is to set up and follow a schedule of preventive maintenance services for your vehicle. Many auto manufacturers include a recommended maintenance schedule in the user’s manual that comes with your vehicle. Looking over that schedule may be daunting, but most of the time, you can partner with a certified service center like Titan Auto and Tire in South Chesterfield, VA, to help you stay on track with your maintenance schedule.

Simple Maintenance Tasks

There are a few very simple tasks you can perform to monitor potential problems with your vehicle. The first, keeping your windshield clean, may seem silly, but a dirty windshield affects the safety of your drive. If you’ve ever driven into the sun on a fall afternoon with a dirty windshield, you know how dangerous it is when you can’t see past the end of your vehicle’s hood. A clean windshield gives you a clear view of the road ahead and the other drivers on the road with you. The second simple task is checking your tire pressure. Properly inflated tires are safer to drive on, and proper inflation extends the life of your tires by keeping the weight distributed across the tire’s surface the way it should be. Finally, the third and most important maintenance task you can perform for your vehicle is to get regular oil changes. You should check the level of engine oil regularly, but having the oil changed is even more important as it keeps your engine properly lubricated and cool to have new oil replace the old. Regular oil changes can fend off catastrophic engine failure from several angles, thereby avoiding the expensive and time-consuming auto repairs that come with engine failure.

Titan Auto and Tire Is Your Car Maintenance Partner

The Titan Auto and Tire team is here for you and your vehicle. They want to be your partner when it comes to maintenance and auto repair services. Their technicians will work with you to set up and maintain a maintenance schedule and inspect, diagnose, and repair any problems that arise. Call today to speak with a customer service advisor at Titan Auto and Tire and make an appointment for your next oil change. You’ll be glad you did!

Written by Titan Auto & Tire