Why have Virginia State Inspection Stickers moved on windshields?

Starting in January 2018, all 2019 Virginia State Inspection stickers will be found on the drivers side, bottom corner of the windshield. Inspection stickers have been relocated from the center of the windshield to avoid interferring with crash avoidance technology found in many vehicles. This type of technology requires a clear center windshield in order to work properly and center placed stickers could prevent crash avoidance systems from working properly.

This information and instruction from the State Police was provided to inspection station in 2017. Should you have a 2018 inspection and the sticker is incorrectly place on your windshield please ask that it be moved to the correct position immediately so you are in compliance with the new regulations.

Virginia State Inspections are critical to keeping our roads safe from damaged and neglected vehicles. Many times state inspection rejections are life saving when severely worn parts and damage is found. Accidents and injuries are prevented from this annual safety inspection. If your vehicle has been rejected and not passed the Virginia State Inspection you have 15 days to make the repairs and have the vehicle re inspected. Always ask to see the vehicle and be shown reason your vehicle was rejected. You have every right to understand the process and see a worn part or problem so you understand the repairs you may need to pass the inspection.

Each inspection station is assigned a state trooper who oversees the inspection program for that area. Whenever in doubt about a Virginia State Inspection procedure or experience, contact the Virginia State Police and ask questions. A reputable shop will be happy to provide you with local contact information to inquire about your concerns.


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Written by Titan Auto & Tire