What Are My Options for Paying for Auto Repairs?

Affordable Auto Repair Tips

After paying for your vehicle–whether you paid cash or are currently making a payment–the last thing you want to do is spend more money for auto repairs. But if you own a car, you will face the inevitable at some point. Although nobody wants to receive a bill, it’s less expensive to pay for repairs than to replace your car or suffer other consequences such as missing work long term.

At Titan Auto & Tire, we understand that auto repair expenses can put a dent in your budget. We’ve built our business around honesty, professionalism, and high standards of quality. You can trust that we’ll never tell you that you need repairs that aren’t really necessary, and we’ll never bill you for something we didn’t do. For those services you do need, we offer some tips on how to afford them.

The Big Picture: Bringing the Total Cost of Repair and Payment Options into Focus

As mentioned, skipping auto repair can cost you in many ways. It may ultimately lead to greater, more expensive damage, and it can prevent you from getting where you need to go, including work where you earn your paycheck. In addition to fixing what’s broken, you should also consider staying up to date with preventive maintenance services. If you regularly change your oil and filter, monitor major systems, care for your tires, inspect your brakes, etc., you can head off a number of future problems and costs.

Once you do need auto repairs, however, there are several things you can do to help mitigate the shock of unplanned expenses. For instance, you can prioritize what must be fixed immediately (faulty brakes, for example) over what you would like to take care of as soon as you can (such as the radio). If you’re thinking through how to pay for immediate, necessary repairs, you have a few options. In addition to cash, you may choose to use a credit car, particularly if you have one with a low interest rate, a promotion of 0% interest if paid within a certain length of time, or a cash back rewards program. A short-term loan is a possibility, too, but beware of unfair lending practices. You’re likely even eligible for our affiliated NAPA FastPay card, featuring 6-month promotional financing, so apply today!

We’ve Got Specials!

At Titan Auto & Tire in Moseley, Virginia, we want to help you through the auto care experience, including affording needed repairs. We not only offer exceptional, reputable service, but we also offer specials to help you save on what you need. Visit our “Specials” page today!

Written by Titan Auto & Tire