What Brake Sounds Mean

Do You Need Brake Repair? These Sounds Will Tell You

Paying attention to your vehicle’s behavior is a good way to tell when it needs professional attention. Once you become familiar with how it performs and sounds, you can easily detect changes. When it comes to your vehicle’s brakes, any unusual sounds mean something isn’t quite right. To help drivers distinguish the difference between normal and unusual brake sounds, Titan Auto & Tire has created a useful guide. If you hear these sounds, it’s time to visit our shop in Chesterfield, Virginia for brake repair!

Squeaking & Squealing

You won’t be able to ignore the harsh sound of squeaking and squealing if it starts happening when you hit the brakes. You and everyone around you will be alerted that something isn’t quite right because normal brakes should operate silently. The cause behind this sound is likely the “hairs” on the brake pad scraping against the brake disc. Once the brake pad wears down, the metal pieces are exposed and rub together creating the squealing sound. At this point, the brake pads are not unsafe to operate, but we still recommend scheduling service at our shop at your first convenience to avoid further damage.


If you have never heard the incredibly unpleasant sound of metal-on-metal grinding, consider yourself lucky. This sound is produced when the brake pads have entirely worn out and the metal calipers squeeze against the metal brake disc. If that sounds bad, that’s because it is! Grinding is a sign that you should stop driving immediately, because further operation could cause serious damage to the system. You could end up with high repair costs or dangerous brake failure. Don’t put you or your vehicle at risk! Call for a tow and get your car safely to our shop in Chesterfield, Virginia for immediate brake repairs.

Now that you know what to watch out for — or rather, what to listen for — you can visit Titan Auto & Tire at the first sign of trouble and avoid further problems. We are here to keep your vehicle driving and stopping safely! If you notice any changes in your vehicle’s normal performance, don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns. We are your brake repair experts!

Written by Titan Auto & Tire