Hybrid and Electric vehicles have amazing technology and engineering. While they run on clean energy they have mechanical parts and fluids and much like a Gas powered or Internal Combustion Engine vehicle needs routine maintenance. A Hybrid vehicle has has a small (ICE) or internal combustion engine which works briefly at times to recharge the battery. During heavy acceleration both the gasoline engine and the electric motor work together to increase power to the wheels.

When it comes to repair and maintenance leave it to the professionals. Hybrid and Electric vehicles have deadly amounts of voltage surging through components and batteries contain dangerous chemicals. Before any work can be performed the vehicle must be “powered” down for safe handling.

Here is short list of routine maintenance we recommend:

Conventional Oil Change every 3K-5K  or Full Synthetic Oil Change (mileage depends on type of  synthetic fluid)

Tire Rotation  recommended every other oil change service

CVT Fluid Change / Filter 30K or 2 years A/T or Standard Transmission Fluid Change 60K 4 years

Air Filter & A/C filter 15K as needed

Spark Plugs (Iridium last longer) 60K 4 years

Valve Clearance Insp. / adjust 60K 4 years
EGR cleaning / De-carbon ICE 90K 5 years
ICE Coolant 60K 3 years
CVT / Inverter/ DC-DC Converter Coolant 90K 5 years
Brake Service 30K yearly
Change Brake / Clutch Fluid 60K 2 years
4WD Service 30K 2 years
HV Battery Testing / Connection Cleaning 120K 6 years

While we recommend regular routine maintenance you should find a trusted shop where they can tailor maintenance to your car and drving habits. Where do you drive? What climate do you live in? When you work with a local shop who understands the daily demands on your vehicle they can prioritze repairs and maintenance to keep your vehicle running at its best.

Written by Titan Auto & Tire