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Is My Car Supposed to Do That?

Most of us have had it happen. You’re driving along and hear a strange new noise. You have a moment of silence–and relief. Then you hear it again, and you wonder, “Is my car supposed to do that?” You’re likely uncomfortable at that point because you aren’t sure what the noise is or if your car will make it safely to your destination. If this happens to you, don’t panic. The certified technicians at Titan Auto & Tire in Chesterfield, Virginia, are here to assess your vehicle and diagnose the problem for you. If you indeed need a repair, we can do that, too. Even better, we back that work with a generous 3 year/36,000 nationwide warranty through the NAPA AutoCare network.

Possible Explanations for Unusual Vehicle Sounds

Although we’ll need to check out your vehicle to make a definitive diagnosis, we’ll clue you in to a few of the more common noises and their causes. Your brakes, for instance, may emit various sounds. This is often related to the severity of the underlying issue. When the brakes squeal or squeak when you press the pedal, you probably need to have the metal brake pads replaced. If the sound progresses from squealing to grinding, the pads may be worn to the extent that the calipers are scrubbing against the rotors. The sound you hear is metal abrading metal.

The concerning sound could be coming from the steering system. When you hear groaning while turning the wheel, have us check your steering system. A dragging rrr-rrr-rrr-rrr that goes on for what seems a bit too long as you’re trying to start your vehicle may indicate that the battery is getting weak. If this is true, the sound results from the auto trying to start while lacking sufficient power to turn quickly enough.

Did you notice a flapping sound? That might be a ventilation flap in the air conditioner that’s past its prime condition. If your car has an exhaust issue, you may hear a rumbling underneath. Are you hearing a squeal from the motor area (sounds as if it’s coming from under the hood)? That probably points to a worn belt.

Your Local “Sound Shop”

If you’re hearing these or other noises, don’t compromise your safety or risk a roadside breakdown. Also, don’t feel that you are on your own to figure out the problem. While we don’t sell the latest stereo systems, Titan Auto & Tire is your local “sound shop.” Why? Because we pay attention when you tell us the symptoms you observed, listen to the vehicle ourselves, and run proper diagnostics. Then we make the repairs necessary to stop that strange, awful sound!

Written by Titan Auto & Tire