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Yes, Your Vehicle Needs Routine Preventive Maintenance

People mean well when they give you advice about taking care of your car. However, if they’re untrained, they might not always be right. In fact, some drivers repeat stories they were told that might leave their mechanic scratching their head and asking, “You heard what?” At Titan Auto & Tire in Chesterfield, Virginia, we’ll dispel some of the most common myths for you. More importantly, we’re always here to help you with your vehicle maintenance. Despite some of the misconceptions that float around, yes, your car does need routine preventive care.

Often Repeated Myths

Obviously, it’s in your best interest (in terms of both finance and safety) to keep your automobile in proper working order. Preventive maintenance is the key to doing that. Even so, some frequently repeated information is now outdated or simply not accurate. For example, the 3,000 mile figure for oil change is often tossed about. This may be a good rule of thumb for older cars or vehicles driven in extreme circumstances, but today’s engines and modern motor oil formulations are designed to go a lot further between oil changes than in the “good old days.” Also, prior generations often told us that we should always warm up the car before driving. Again, newer engines are different. They warm up more quickly than did their mechanical ancestors. Most auto techs now actually advocate for driving as soon as you start your vehicle.

Another misconception is that you need to buy premium grade gas. Modern power plants run just fine on “regular” fuel. An additional misunderstanding has to do with tire inflation. The number on the tire’s sidewall tells you the maximum safe pressure, not the optimal inflation. Check your owner’s manual or the door jamb sticker for the correct PSI. Other misguided story lines include changing the transmission fluid every 50,000 miles (your auto may need this less often) and using tires until they are down to 2/32 tread (this is an absolute minimum, not necessarily what you’ll need in slick conditions).

Further, you’re sometimes better off to use the AC rather than rolling down the windows. While some people are concerned about using extra gas to power the air conditioner, the reality is that drag from the open windows causes the car to consume more fuel. Finally, not every service and repair must be done at the dealership. You can still preserve your manufacturer’s warranty if you choose an independent shop like ours.

Keeping Your Car in Great Shape

A solid plan of preventive care and timely repairs will help keep your daily driver safe and assist you in holding the car’s value to its maximum extent. Let Titan Auto & Tire help with vehicle maintenance.

Written by Titan Auto & Tire