If you are new to an area or taking on responsibility for your vehicle for the first time choosing a good automotive repair shop can be quite overwhelming. Ask yourself what is most important to you: quality of work, customer service, price, the list goes on and on. A good auto repair shop should be a combination of quality, customer service and pricing. Usually, one or two of these will generally outrank the others.

1. Ask your family and friends for referrals. If you someone you know gets excited about referring you to their repair shop you can most likely expect a great experience.

2. Look at their Google and Facebook reviews. If you find them on Facebook ask your friends about their experience. Does the shop respond to their reviews? A response to a customer review shows the owners and managers truly care about their customers and their repair shop’s reputation

3. Call and ask questions:

  • “Can I go see my car or truck while the techs are working?”
  • “Will you show me worn parts or fluids when you recommend repairs or
  • “Can you email or text me estimates and quotes?”

4. A good repair shop prioritizes repairs and maintenance. Safety issues should always be the priority. For example, if new brakes are recommended they should show you the worn brake parts and give you a time frame in which you can still safely drive and when those new brakes should be installed. (Brake pads generally are given a percentage of wear, 10% left)

Ask about whatever is important to you and your vehicle. Any good shop and service adviser will be patient and answer all your questions.

Remember you generally get what you pay for. A good auto repair shop will hire experienced and highly trained techs. Those techs have the knowledge and on the job experience to diagnose difficult mechanical problems and properly perform repairs and maintenance services.

Care care is a great investment and regular maintenance a few times a year costs far less than an average monthly car payment of $500.

Written by Titan Auto & Tire