What Exactly Are Spark Plugs?

Spark Plugs Explained If you own a vehicle, you probably know that spark plugs are critical to your auto’s operation. But do you know exactly what they do and why they’re necessary? A basic understanding of your car’s spark plugs will help you monitor its performance and service schedule. When you find that it’s time […]

Are Your Brakes Begging for Repair?

Your Braking System’s Warning Signs When you’re in a hurry, it’s tempting to focus only on your ability to GO. However, you’re risking your life (and that of others) if you ignore your ability to STOP. According to a recent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) report, 22% of the crashes caused by mechanical problems […]

Is Engine Replacement a Good Solution for You?

Engine Repair vs. Engine Replacement Nobody wants the hassle, time, or expense of replacing an engine, but a dead car gets you nowhere. Perhaps you’re even wondering if engine replacement is worth it. While purchasing another vehicle is certainly an option, it’s costly–likely a lot more expensive than replacing the engine alone. Depending on your […]

Are You a Distracted Driver?

The Dangers of Distracted Driving Distracted driving causes about one-quarter of all traffic crashes. Unfortunately, thousands of these wrecks result in serious injuries or even death each year. At Titan Auto & Tire in Chesterfield, VA, we have built our business around car care, but what we care about even more than autos are the […]

Understanding Your Vehicle’s Catalytic Converter

Introduction to Catalytic Converters Since 1975, nearly every gasoline engine made and/or sold in the United States has a catalytic converter. If you’re not familiar with the term, it can sound a little overwhelming. Cat-what? So here’s the translation. Catalytic is the adjective form of catalyst. A catalyst is the chemical term for something that […]

How to Navigate Your Tire Choices

The Wide World of Tire Options Tires are a major purchase for most drivers, so it’s important to understand each kind of tire’s features so that you can make informed choices. At Titan Auto & TIre in Moseley, Virginia, we’ve built our business and reputation on honesty and excellent service. You can always trust our […]

Fact or Fiction? Common Brake Repair Myths — Titan Auto & Tire

The Truth About Brake Repair When you jam your foot against the brake pedal in a desperate effort to stop your vehicle before it slams into the truck whose driver just pulled out in front of you, you’re counting on your brakes. This isn’t the time to realize that your brakes aren’t in optimal condition […]

What Are My Options for Paying for Auto Repairs?

Affordable Auto Repair Tips After paying for your vehicle–whether you paid cash or are currently making a payment–the last thing you want to do is spend more money for auto repairs. But if you own a car, you will face the inevitable at some point. Although nobody wants to receive a bill, it’s less expensive […]

Popular Careers in the Auto Repair Industry

Mechanics, Managers, and More! Love working on your car and want to make a career out of your passion? The automotive industry has a range of exciting roles for individuals who love working on vehicles or handling customer service tasks. Here are two common roles for auto repair enthusiasts to make a great career working […]

How Long Does It Take To Hit the Brakes?

Stopping Distances at Different Speeds A sudden red light, wildlife in the road, or slow-moving vehicle require fast brakes and fast reflexes. Did you know that coming to a complete stop while traveling 60 miles per hour requires a braking distance of about 60 feet? The faster you travel, the safe stopping distance exponentially increases. […]

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