Should You Get a New Car or a New Engine?

Engine Replacement FAQ

Replace the Engine or the Car?

There are many considerations to choosing between replacing your vehicle or the vehicle’s engine. Some involve cost, others environmental impact, but all are important for making your decision between replacing the engine in your vehicle or getting a new car all together. Replacing your car may mean the old vehicle becomes a junk yard resident where it will decay, all the while leaking fluids and heavy metals into the ground it sits on. Replacing the engine in your car keeps the vehicle on the road, and you can be even more eco-friendly by replacing the engine with one salvaged from a wrecked vehicle. As for cost, if you’ve seen any car commercials on television, you know a new car can cost as much as a small home now. It’s also time-consuming and frustrating the research new cars before buying one. Replacing the engine, on the other hand, is more cost-effective–especially if you choose a salvaged engine from a wrecked vehicle. It is also often a shorter process to choose a new engine than to purchase a new vehicle.

How Do You Choose?

Unless your decision to purchase a new vehicle or engine is based on a desire for a specific car or engine–like if you want a higher performance vehicle or a more luxurious interior, etc.–your decision is likely to be based on cost and availability of the car or engine you desire. Your best bet is to partner with a service center or technician you trust to advise you on the decision and purchase. The team at Titan Auto and Tire in Moseley, VA, is here to help you make this choice. The expert technicians can advise you on the pros and cons of replacing the engine and help you find and then install the new engine as well. Unless you know for certain exactly which vehicle or engine you want, expert advice is your best option for getting what you want and need for your vehicle.

Engine Replacement Experts

The Titan Auto and Tire team is made up of experts who will help you choose between replacing your engine and buying a new car. Should you choose to replace the engine, the team will step in again and help you find the right engine for your needs and your vehicle. Whether you’re having engine trouble or already know you need to replace your engine, the team at Titan Auto and Tire is here to help. Why not give them a call today to speak with the experts?

Written by Titan Auto & Tire