Stay Car Payment Free

Your vehicle is your second largest investment. Keep it longer and running better with regular maintenance. You can avoid car payments by investing in scheduled maintenance and occasional repairs as needed.

Regular oil changes and vital fluid checks every three to five thousand miles.  Fluids such as Engine Oil, Transmission, Coolant, Brake, and Steering Fluid are vital to the health of your vehicle. If they become dirty or contaminated with deposits it will cause damage and performance problems.

We recommend:

  • Fuel Induction service for increased gas mileage and engine performance.  Our personal vehicle gets an average 2.5 miles more per gallon after this service.
  • Performance Oil Change with Engine Flush to remove deposits in your engine.

Titan Auto takes the “Unexpected out of Car Repair and Maintenance”. Our customers are welcome in our work area to view their  vehicle. There our service manager and techs will explain and show why we  recommend specific repairs and maintenance. Contact Us Today!


Written by Titan Auto & Tire