Understanding The Wheel Alignment Service

What You Should Know

When driving your vehicle, it’s pretty common to accidentally hit a pothole or go over a curb. A lot of the times, this will happen and you won’t even blink an eye. There’s no way something that small will hurt your vehicle, right? Well, not exactly. Even something that small can knock your wheels out of alignment and hurt your overall driving experience. So how do you fix it? By going through a wheel alignment service!

What Is It?

Despite the name, a wheel alignment doesn’t actually focus on the wheels of your tire. Instead, it focuses on the suspension system and more specifically, three components of it — the toe, camber, and caster. These three components are responsible for the exact angle your wheels hit the road. If they aren’t perfectly aligned, it could cause issues such as vibrations, pulling, and uneven tire wear.

So, what do the toe, camber, and caster do? Well, the toe, is the birds-eye-view angle of your wheels. Issues that occur at this angle are the tires being pointed in or out. In either situation, it could cause your tires to be smooth on one side and sharp on the other. The camber is the front view angle of your wheels, and some issues include the top of the tire being tilted inward or outward. This could lead to worn bearings, ball joints, and other components. Finally, the caster, is the side view angle of your wheels. Issues occur when the centerline of the wheel is pointed towards or away from the driver. An improper caster angle could lead to a loss of steering and stability!

What Are The Benefits?

Proper wheel alignment can greatly improve your driving experience and the condition of your vehicle in general. You’ll be able to operate your car smoothly and have precise steering and stability. Along with that, you’ll avoid troublesome issues such as feathering, violent vibrations, and aggressive pulling, all of which reduces the condition of your vehicle and your driving experience.

Where Can You Get It?

The answer is simple — Visit Titan Auto & Tire in Chesterfield, Virginia! Our technicians will have the tools and service techniques to ensure your wheels are properly aligned! When you leave our shop, your vehicle will be operating smoothly once more! Give us a call at 804-392-0890 or utilize our quick and easy online scheduling system!

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