Why does an Air Bag Light Fail Virginia State Inspection?

Why does an SRS light fail a Virginia State Inspection? If you have an air bag light or SRS light lit on your dash it means a vehicle sensor has detected a problem. When that light is displayed there is a good chance if you’re involved in a collision the air bags will not deploy.

When any dash lights are lit it is a result of a vehicle sensor detecting a problem or change from computerized component within the vehicle.  Many commonly seen dash lights include Tire Pressure, Check Engine, and Gas. Many times  a light is telling you to do simple maintenance like an oil change or  to fill up with gas. Often after a maintenance service or repair the light will go away because the “problem”  the vehicle computer found has been fixed. Other times a diagnostic is needed to identify the problem or the vehicle computer needs reprogramming.

Virginia State Inspection is an annual inspection which requires the passenger air bags to be working properly as well as many other vehicle systems. Click here to read a complete list of inspection items.

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